toronto curling association

3 Weeks.
Adobe Illustrator,
Adobe Photoshop.


animation showing the old logo, then the new logo

Here’s my winning entry for the TCA’s logo contest!

In May of 2020, the Toronto Curling Association held a contest to design their new logo. After review from the board, I was brought on to refine the icon, and create additional content for the organization’s redesign.

The new logo takes its form from Toronto City Hall, merging the UFO-like architecture with the rings of a curling house to create a simple, modern evolution of the organization's old wordmark.

Here's how it works:

Top-Down Perspective

The new design comes as an evolution of today’s TCA logo, while reflecting the association’s goals & bringing the design into today’s visual style.The re-design takes the visual imagery of Toronto’s City Hall from a top-down perspective.

Council chambers & the two office towers form the icon, abstracting the shapes so they resemble the rings of the house (the 12-foot as the towers & the 4-foot as the dome).


This new logo is simple, and still connects the association to the city of Toronto–but not so much that it cannot be a separate, recognizable entity.

Being this abstract, the icon is incredibly versatile and adaptable to nearly any situation - simple shapes can be expanded to patterns, letterforms (O & C), and alternate colour palettes can be made for special events..

Lucas Postlethwaite | Lucas Posty | 2021.
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