Not quite ready for prime-time.
Also, I take photos!

(Not in a professional sense, just with my phone 😅)
A stained-glass window emits orange and purple light onto a grey wall.

The 407

Looking over a railing at floors of red carpets, tables, bookcases. White-and-red staircases are visible.

The Reference Library

Covered, but outdoor subway platform, with light streaming in from glass ceiling and windows.

The Old Mill

The sun rises behind a tree truck, with rays of light shining around the branches, onto a park bench and wooden boardwalk.

The Boardwalk Sunrise

White-and-grey bricked building sits behind some trees and bushes. A sign on the building reads "The Bickford Centre."

The Bickford Centre

Bright green leaves obscure a tall rail bridge.

The Guelph Radial Line Bridge

A sign reading "Scarborough Centre" hangs from a steel-and-glass wall at a subway platform. Bright lights streams onto the platform, bathing the room with a golden light.

The Town Centre

Red-brick houses with iron-fenced staircases line a sidewalk, with trees and parked cars on the left. A woman walks in the center of the frame.

The Chelsea

Snow-covered trees set against a white sky, with a red-and-white flag flying in the background.

The Flagpole

A roadway with streetcar tracks, tall trees and parked cars. The setting sun is partially blocked by overhead wires.

The Neville Park Loop

A tall layer of snow covers the ground, trees and houses, with an orange sunset in the background.

The Snow Day

A beach and lake can be seen behind a round tree, bathed in pink light. A person walks towards a bench from the right side of the frame.

The Summer Morning

The Black Rock Canal

The Repairs

The Arboretum

The End of the Line

The Port Lands

The Bait & Tackle

The Forbidden West

The Stairs

The New Roof

The Hudson Yards

The Water Tower