Not quite ready for prime-time.
Also, I take photos!

(Not in a professional sense, just with my phone 😅)
Looking over a railing at floors of red carpets, tables, bookcases. White-and-red staircases are visible.

The Reference Library

Covered, but outdoor subway platform, with light streaming in from glass ceiling and windows.

The Old Mill

Snow-covered trees set against a white sky, with a red-and-white flag flying in the background.

The Flagpole

Bright green leaves obscure a tall rail bridge.

The Guelph Radial Line Bridge

The sun rises behind a tree truck, with rays of light shining around the branches, onto a park bench and wooden boardwalk.

The Boardwalk Sunrise

Red-brick houses with iron-fenced staircases line a sidewalk, with trees and parked cars on the left. A woman walks in the center of the frame.

The Chelsea

A tall layer of snow covers the ground, trees and houses, with an orange sunset in the background.

The Snow Day

White-and-grey bricked building sits behind some trees and bushes. A sign on the building reads "The Bickford Centre."

The Bickford Centre

A beach and lake can be seen behind a round tree, bathed in pink light. A person walks towards a bench from the right side of the frame.

The Summer Morning

A sign reading "Scarborough Centre" hangs from a steel-and-glass wall at a subway platform. Bright lights streams onto the platform, bathing the room with a golden light.

The Town Centre

A roadway with streetcar tracks, tall trees and parked cars. The setting sun is partially blocked by overhead wires.

The Neville Park Loop

A stained-glass window emits orange and purple light onto a grey wall.

The 407

The Water Tower

The Forbidden West

The Repairs

The Port Lands

The Black Rock Canal

The Stairs

The End of the Line

The New Roof

The Hudson Yards

The Bait & Tackle

The Arboretum